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Sch A - Itemized Deductions

Sch B - Interest and Dividends >$400

Sch C or C-EZ - Self-Employed Income

Sch D - Capital Gains/Losses

Sch E (pg. 1) Rental Properties

Sch E (pg. 2) P'ship/ S-Corp income

Sch EIC - Earned Income Credit

Sch F - Farm Income

Sch SE - Tax on Self-Employment Income

What other forms were present in last year's return?

1116- Foreign Tax Credit

2106 - Employee Business Expense

2210 - Underpayment Penalty

2441 - Day Care Credit

3903 - Moving Expense

4137 - Unreported Tips

4562 - Depreciation Expense

4684 - Casualty & Theft

4797 - Sale of Business Property

Any of these forms present in your return?

4952 - Lump Sum Distribution

6251 - Alternative Minimum Tax

8283 - Release of Exemption of Claim to Child of Divorced Parents

8606 - Non-Deductible IRA Contributions

8829 - Office in Home

9465 - Installment Agreement

1040-ES - Estimated Tax Vouchers

8463 - Electronic Filing


If you checked Sch C/C-EZ, how many of those forms were present?

If you checked Sch E (pg.1), how many rental properties do you have?

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