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Property Management

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TLC can take the pain out of renting your property. Yes woning a rental is
wonderful until the rent is not paid and your stuck with the mortgage
payment. Or repairs are needed and you haven't the time to take care of it
yourself let alone find someone who can.

We are not saying that there will never be a time when rent is not paid but
with our tight lease and interview process. This will be few and far
between. TLC takes the responsibilities of finding the right person who we
hope will be the tenant that keeps the property up and stays with you.
However if they are not then we also can back up the lease and get them
on their way.

TLC Will handle finding a person to make repairs or replace items that
may need it, clean up. We also handle all the bookkeeping and send out
monthly reports with our rents. The personal touch is what TLC is all
about. Let us help you to achieve your goals.

Finding tenant fees - 25% of one month's rent. Possible tenants are
screen though a in-depth interview and credit check. Also if pets are
allowed they must be interview.

Monthly Fees - 8% of rent. Includes collection of rent, basic bookkeeping
and reports monthly.

Repairs, replacements, cleanup fees - Cost plus $5 markup.

Eviction - 5% over cost.

With TLC there is no hidden cost it is all up front. Bottom line we are here
for you.