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Notice !

With Changing Tax Laws comes a Higher Risk with IRS

Over 800 changes to the tax laws.
Do you know which of these Affects You?

Some of these were effective last year, some this year, some next and so on.
Tax Preparation is a hazardous business if not informed on the newest
tax laws. With out the help of a Tax Preparer, Tax Payers can easily lose big
bucks or even generate an expensive IRS audit next year. Why take the
chance? Even the smallest mistake can cost you so much!

Good News!

If you want every legal deduction possible and eliminate all the hard work,
stress or confusion let TLC Bookkeeping & Tax Service Help.

TLC has been providing this kind of tax help since 1986. We know the tax laws and
we promise to get you every legal deduction available and the BIGGEST and
Fastest refund allowed by the IRS.

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